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The 2017 Mini-Art Hut

The Mini-Art Hunt is an annual favorite in Jamestown. It brings art to the people, and people to the parks!  Twelve unique mini-artworks by visual artist Linda Roesch will be hiding throughout the Jamestown parks, Historic Sites, and Frontier Village. Can you find them?

Linda’s miniature paintings are 2″ x 2″ acrylics on canvas squares. Themed “Call of the Wild,” Linda created portraits of various creatures found in nature. Like the ones pictured below.











The hunt begins: Saturday, July 8th and ends when all 12 art works are found!  You can find clues at The Arts Center booth in McElroy park Saturday during the White Cloud festivities and on The Arts Center’s Facebook page.

CLUES: Four Sets of Visual Clues (photos) to each artwork’s hiding place will be made public on Saturday, July 8th at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. The first clues will be the most challenging with the final clues being the most revealing.

HUNTING: All artwork will be hidden in PLAIN SIGHT—You will not have to move, dig, or otherwise damage anything. Visual clues to the artwork hiding places will be posted on our Facebook page and available at The Arts Center’s booth in McElroy park during White Cloud Days.

FOUND: Finders keepers! This original piece of miniature artwork is yours to keep. Be sure to REPORT YOUR FIND. No one wants to be hunting for a piece that has already been found. Post a photo of yourself and your found treasure to our Facebook page. Or contact the Arts Center office (701-251-2496 / info@jamestownarts.com) to report your find.

LIMIT: Please only one artwork per family (you are welcome to locate them all, but claim only one).

So, get out to the parks and good luck on the hunt!