Lots of things have been brewing in my mind these days…why is it that we do what we do in the Arts. Lets face it, its a labor of love…lots of work and lots of hours for little monetary return. Reading a draft of The Arts Center director, Cyndi Wish’s letter to the membership coupled with a morning visit by a coworker from my 11 years at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, I am thinking there is something special about the people that work in the arts, to bring what…in the words of Wish, is called “creative spark” or “smiles” or the thing that motivates people to get out of the hum, drum of everyday life.

creative-sparkAs arts professionals, we are purveyors of what some might consider to be the “elixir of life” and perhaps we do what we do because we are addicted to the arts, we thrive on its affect, even if we only reach a few, even if we only get a few “smiles” even if its only our “own.”

We understand and know about all the evidence that the arts can build a creative workforce–a necessity in today’s world. We see how the arts have rehabilitated and transformed communities and how they can transform people, lift spirits, solve problems, and bring diverse views to harmony. Did you know in England, doctors can even prescribe “arts activities” to heal everything from depression to physical maladies? And this therapy is funded by insurance!

I know if you are reading this blog you are probably already and “art addict” but I hope you share your addiction with a friend, a child or grandchild. If you have the means, help support our programs, by attending, donating and volunteering. We appreciate your help, the “smiles” you will receive and the “creative spark” you will feel…can change your life.

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by The Arts Center Gallery Manager Sally Jeppson. She would love to hear your comments here or email sjeppson@jamestownarts.com.

Source: Jamestown Arts Area Voices