IMG_4493This question was posed to me this morning by an arts center supporter. The question in reference to the work being done in the Hansen Arts Park. Initially this gave me pause. I also tend to like a more natural setting but I know that as the park moves through its various stages of development it will look and feel very different. Right now, I’d equate what is being done as the framing of a canvas or the bones of skeleton that provides the framework for what will later occur in the park.

IMG_4494The concrete pathways are in, yes, they seem wide but, as so, they offer full access and movement for all people and they will be flanked by benches, grass, shrubs and trees to soften the industrial feel. Today, the pavers are being laid, they are colored and will provide contrast and texture to the smooth planes of concrete.

IMG_4497The process for securing artist/designers to create the pavilion and the signature sculpture is underway. The artists are working on their designs and the finalist for each component will be selected in the upcoming weeks. If all goes as planned, the Park will have its grand opening next September.

We have been lucky to have a wonderful fall for the “hardscaping” to occur. Stop in and see the progress, it changes daily. When you visit try to imagine the finished space, awash with colorful plantings, engaging sculptural features, and people of all ages enjoying the space.

Want more details about the Park’s progress and how it got its new name…? Check out this link, Arts Park has a New Name an article from the Jamestown Sun newspaper.

Source: Area Voice Feed