I was reminded this past weekend about essentials for great fun and happiness. These things give me fuel for creative thought. I think disconnecting from the routine, in good company, can give an artist, writer and musician lots of new material. Try it sometime.


  1. the company of friends – true friends that bring out the “real you” whether you see them everyday or once a year you can always feel comfortable just being yourself
  2. good music – the kind that transports you to another time, that can move you to tears, that can cause your feet to tap and your heart to beat
  3. good stories – the kinds that make you laugh, the kinds you’ve heard 100 times, the kinds you know are tall tales
  4. good food – the kind that tastes incredible because it was all you had at the moment and you were so, so hungry from fresh air and hard work or play
  5. reminiscence – memories of times past, either your own history or the history that surrounds you
  6. spontaneity – dropping everything and going in a completely unplanned direction
  7. fresh air – getting away from traffic, busy life
  8. exercise – moving outside, no path, breaking trail
  9. exhilaration – the thill of the unexpected flush of a pheasant–holding tight, or the doe–ears pinned back, neck stretched long and low running like it was her last moment only to disappear over the hill
  10. beauty – the change of light and shadow as twilight approaches, captured snow in the plowing–purple in the evening’s light, fresh snow on the railing, sunsets over the buttes–better than the desert, the kaleidoscope of color trapped in a pheasant’s plumes
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Source: Jamestown Arts Area Voices