Our Volunteers are amazing! Last week now seems a blur, it was “crazy busy” to borrow a commonly used phrase of my co-worker Angela. We not only just completed Giving Hears Day but there were two exhibits to pack up and one to install and our Annual Gala on Saturday. Our volunteers really take the credit for coming through for us and making everything a success!

I don’t think anyone realizes the amount of work required to pull off an event at someplace like Stutsman Harley Davidson. Its a business, not an event center, so everything has to be brought to the site and the space transformed. The Harley staff had to move all the bikes out, shift the merchandise and basically turn over their facility to the Gala Committee. This is a HUGE effort and unbelievably generous of the Harley staff’s time, trust and support.

Our Gala committee of 11 people were tireless in their months of planning and preparing everything for the event. But planning is just one part…then you have the physical moving of all the Gala auction items, all the dinning tables, wine glasses, and decorations. All of this must be set-up and then taken down. Then there are the spouses, friends and family of our committee and staff who also step in to do everything from direct traffic to pouring wine, washing glasses and making sure everything is running smoothly. Our auctioneer and the accounting help provided by the Orr’s is a priceless contribution that deserves loads of thanks! All of these tasks are truly a labor of love for The Arts Center and while some parts may be fun much of it can be a chore and exhausting, yet our volunteers do it with grace and enthusiasm.

Our mere thanks seems insufficient for the amount of work contributed but we want everyone who helps us to know that you are so appreciated and we recognize how important you are to our success!