• Do you have spring fever?
  • Are you confounded by politics?
  • Do you like trying new things?
  • Do you enjoy the company of others?

The Arts Center’s newest newsletter arrived on my desk today and its full of opportunities to take an “art break”. You hear me talk a lot about the benefits that art can have on the wellbeing of elders and children but I don’t always promote the idea that it can be beneficial to everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I’m stir crazy waiting for winter to end. I’m crazy with worry about the world and our country’s future. I worry if the important programs The Arts Center brings to the community will be affected in the future. I see families and communities divided over politics. Basically, I feel a lot of uncertainty. But I also know that I’m not alone with these feelings and I think a good prescription for easing my anxiety would be doing something creative–like taking a class at The Arts Center.

There is lots of evidence to support the idea that creative pursuits ease stress. Simply “google” the words “creative activities ease anxiety” and you’ll see all kinds of examples and anecdotes. In a Boston Globe article, How Creativity Can Help Reduce Stress, Dr. Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer for the Cleveland Clinic, states that “Both clearing the mind and focusing so intensely on something that you can’t think of anything else — such as when you’re being creative — reduces stress.”

It really doesn’t matter what kind of art you do, but particularly those that really make you concentrate and use hand-eye coordination, like painting, drawing, quilting, and knitting — any art forms that require the use of your hands are wonderful stress relievers. The Arts Center’s upcoming class offerings would be ideal choices for such creative stress relief. Click this link Upcoming Classes. Pick one and sign up right away on the new website–you’ll thank yourself for the break. I call it the no-stress, stress reliever and cheaper than therapy!