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Listing to North Dakota Public Radio this morning they reminded me of the project The Great Thanksgiving Listen. In 2015, StoryCorps gave people an assignment as generations gathered for Thanksgiving: document the stories and voices of a grandparent or elder. Even though this particular project occurred two years ago, the collecting of stories is thriving on the StoryCorps website. There is StoryCorps App to to use for your interview and lots of documentation, user guides and such to assist with the kinds of questions that create great conversations.

As we approach the holidays, I’m inspired to collect some stories myself and I’m writing this in the hope that you will join me. We all have experiences and stories to tell, maybe even some that reveal crazy holiday mishaps. Of course, the gathering of families often includes elders (grandparents, great grandparents and such) that won’t be around forever. Their stories are special because they share times past, our histories that we need to keep and share with future generations.

Today’s technology makes interviews so simple and with a little effort you have an heirloom. I think everyone wishes they could go back in time and capture a lovedone’s words and their history. I challenge you – take the time and try this.

Looking at old family photos often generates great stories – wonder who the person in the header photo is?

If you gather some unusual stories we could share them here – who doesn’t like a great story?