(Click on the Title to read post) Are you looking for a great, unique present? Have you ever considered gifting an Arts Center membership? Or a gift certificate? This is a wonderful idea since it helps you with the perfect gift – uniquely customizable since the recipient can use it to enjoy any number of wonderful programs, classes or events.  The gift does double-duty since it also helps The Arts Center.  It grows the number of people who participate in our programs and builds our support.

I’m guessing you are receiving lots of year-end appeals in your mailbox. Do you read them? Or do they end up in the trash? Admittedly, within the last week I threw at least a half-dozen into the trash.  And these are from organizations that do wonderful work, organizations I supported in the past but are too far away for me to enjoy.  I’m feeling a little guilty about my behavior. Firsthand, I know why these appeals are necessary and how much time and effort is involved; from the crafting of the letter, to the printing, labeling, stuffing and mailing. For The Arts Center’s appeal we had thirteen volunteers assist in getting letters into peoples’ hands. I wonder how many of those letters ended up in the landfill? I hope none, since the letter is meant to remind everyone how the Arts are uniquely positioned to touch so many lives and how your support is essential to their availability. In North Dakota, the “rural-ness” that we all love so much, makes fundraising for the arts challenging. Foundations and corporate support that are available in metropolitan areas are not available here which means you and I must step forward to help fill the gap.

Maybe you think your annual membership is enough support. But in reality membership is only a small portion of The Arts Center’s income. We leave no stone unturned in the grants arena and strive to find creative partnerships to unlock other funding opportunities.  Just like any business we are always trying to make ends meet.  The product we “sell” gives joy to all ages and can touch so many lives, with the potential to grow young minds into creative thinkers and unlock memories in elderly suffering with dementia.  Benefits are not always tangible or measurable but everyday there are more studies to support the beneficial aspects of the arts.  It is The Arts Center’s business to provide the venue and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a unique variety of arts experiences right here in Jamestown.

So dig that year-end appeal out of the trash or out from under the piles on your desk because your gift is important, no matter the size, it helps The Arts Center immensely and all those who benefit from our offerings. Can’t find your letter? Click this link for an easy on-line donation.