In the past year, the surgical-style face mask has been a powerful tool for combating the corona virus but it has also become a powerful political symbol and an accessory for personal expression. Whatever your view, “the mask” has touched our lives and will be forever part of our personal history. Many artists have created works that include mask imagery. These pieces are sometimes serious, sometimes humorous. This is a call to artists to create an artwork that includes at least one “mask” (or visual image of masks in photography or digital art). The art can take any form, mixed media, sculpture, painting, textile, video whatever your creative mind can conceive. Selected artwork will be included in an exhibition for Summer 2021 with a possible future touring component.

Cover image: Toronto artist, Elnaz Heidari illustrated cartoons on the importance of mandatory mask-wearing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read article link.

Please email digital images with identification details to Sally Jeppson, Gallery Manager, The Arts Center, Jamestown, ND, sjeppson@jamestownarts.com

The Culture Builds Community blog is submitted (almost) weekly by Sally Jeppson. Sally has worked in the arts for over 30 years. She has an MA in Art History and is responsible for The Arts Center’s exhibits & Art for Life program that provides arts activities to seniors. In her time off, Sally keeps busy exercising, gardening, cooking and riding horses while running a business that works with museums, galleries and organizations to create exhibit materials, artwork and displays.