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Arts After School Program

•    School days from 3:30 – 5:00 pm
•    Students in grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 welcome
•    After school snack included
•    Scholarships available
•    Bus transportation provided (in town only)
•    Pre-registration required




Nature Art September 10 – 21  $80
Students will be exploring the world of nature and will be doing leaf and flower prints, rock and nature mandalas and a 3D nature suncatcher.

Glass on Glass Mosaics September 24 – October 5  $90
This class will cover glass and tile exploration, inspiration and education. Students will learn selection, placing, grouting and finishing to create a mosaic masterpiece

Crafty Yarn Creations October 8 – 17  $64
Students will be creating unique yarn works of art by yarn painting, string art and learning about weaving, knitting and felting.

Sqraffito Clay Tile October 22 – November 2  $90
This is not your basic clay class! Students will be taking their clay experience to the next level by making their own clay tile and doing the sqraffito technique to “scratch” their tile after it is glazed to create a graphic or imagine of their choice. Open to those with no clay experience or those who have been in the clay studio before.

Art from Around the World November 5 – 16  $72
Students will be learning about what arts and crafts that are popular in Mexico, Ireland, Germany and Norway and recreating them. *No school – No Arts After School November 8*

Card Making / Stamping / Origami  November 19 – 30  $64
In this class, students will be learning about the art of card making and stamping. They will be making four themed cards using embossing and stamping techniques. In the second half of the class students will learn about and complete projects using origami. Origami is not only a fun and ancient art from, it is also a skill that is intertwined with science and math. *No school – No Arts After School November 22 – 23*

Mini Monet December 3 – 14  $80
In this acrylic painting class, students will learn about Impressionism and Claude Monet. Students will create their own impressionistic painting as they learn about this style of art. *Early dismissal December 5th – No bus service from school to Arts After School (bussing home will still be provided).*

Creative Journaling December 17 – 21  $40
Students in this class will be making their own daily journal. We will be talking about the many different ways that we can use that journal. For art and drawings, for collections, to reflect on the day and to help promote writing.

Arts & Cooking January 14 – 25  $56
For the first half of each daily class, students will create an art project (drawing or painting.) The second half of the class will be dedicated to creating a culinary creation. This teaches kids how are and cooking are connected.

Sew Fun January 14 – 25  $72
Learn to sew in this fun class. Beginners will learn to use a needle and thread to create a fun and easy sewing project. Students will also learn the basics of sewing machine operation.*No school – No Arts After School January 21 *

Beginning Leatherworking January 28 – February 8  $80
In this class students will learn about the basics of leatherworking. Preparing the leather, stamping and simple stitching. They will complete several small projects and will have the skills to do bigger projects in the future! *Early dismissal January 30th – No bus service from school to Arts After School (bussing home will still be provided).*

Printmaking / Textile February 11 – 22  $64
Design and create your own product line-notebook, custom stationery, furoshiki gift wrap, patterned fabric using silk screen printing, stamping and stencil techniques. Learn basic principles and be inspired by artists like Sister Corita and textiles houses like Marimekko. *No school – No Arts After School February 15 & 18 *

Architecture – Inside Out March 11 – 29  $64
Calling all creative and comic book lovers who are eager to express themselves creatively and have fun in the process! Students will be using inks or pencil to develop their own unique personal style in comic book and cartoon drawing, They will also learn a wide variety of artistic drawing techniques and art vocabulary unique to cartooning and comic art.
*No school – No Arts After School March 14 & 15 *

Watercolor Illustration April 1 – 12  $80
Develop techniques in contour drawing and watercolor application in this drawing and painting class. Explore landscapes, portraits and narrative scenes in a variety of ways using watercolor pencils, and ink presentations.

Poetry / Creative Writing April 15 – 18  $32
Students explore the different ways of narrating, or telling, a story. They will also look at how to structure their story, meeting the characters, how to keep readers engaged, the joy of re-writing and more! Students will also learn the fundamentals of constructing several different styles of poems.  *No school – No Arts After School April 19 & 22*

Earth Day Celebration / Recycling April 23 – May 3  $80
Find inspiration in the recycle bin as you learn how to make musical instruments from flower pots, gargoyles from coffee trays and relief carvings from drywall. This class will inspire you to reduce, reuse and recycle and create art in a fun way!

Three B’s – Birds, Butterflies and Bees May 6 – 17  $80
In this class, students will draw, pain and sculpt things that fly. Line, colors and textures will be discovered through their creations.