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Beo String Quartet Concert
Monday, February 3 at 7:30 pm
The Arts Center
Admission is Free

Beo String Quartet brings its evocative program, “Farewells”, to North Dakota this winter. The gripping project explores the nature of beginnings and endings, well-wishes for the departed, and how the expressiveness of music can bloom when words aren’t enough. Be sure to catch the show at The Arts Center in Jamestown, ND Monday, February 3 at 7:30 pm.

For more information about the Beo String Quartet and other stops within North Dakota visit beostringquartet.com. There you can listen to live audio and videos of the quartet.

Beo exists as a 21st century quartet by directing the future of the art through original music and projects; engaging listeners through entertainment and thoughtful demonstration; performing live, in any venue, the masterpieces of the string quartet literature; collaborating with living composers to showcase the music of our time; and participating in our modern global culture through a strong social media presence. Now in its fourth season, Beo has performed over 80 concert works in the US and Europe–including over 30 world premieres–and produced dozens of recordings.

…what impressed me most was how they got deep inside my music, and put themselves into my sound world to create something new and powerful. Their interpretation of my quartet was simply astounding and showed tremendous maturity and drive. They played every note like it was the last note they would ever play! An absolutely spectacular group of young, hungry musicians.” — MARC MELLITS, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO