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Arts & Humanities Series

All of works of art—whether in music, the visual arts, theatre, dance, or literature—are intimately connected with the age in which they were created. The study of a time and place yields fascinating insights into works of art and the artists themselves… and provides a greater awareness of the timelessness of the human experience. Intriguing topics and absorbing discussions that will lead to better appreciation and understanding of the arts, culture and the world we live in.

The City of Lights: 19th Century Paris with Larry Kopp
Mondays: Oct 16 – November 6, 5:30 – 7:00 pm • The Arts Center Gallery

Paris was the undisputed capitol of arts and culture throughout the 19th Century. With artists like Monet, Chopin, Hugo, Delacroix, Berlioz and Dumas making the city their home, Paris of that time boasted what is probably the greatest concentration of artists of genius the world has ever known. Learn about Parisian art and artists of the period as well as the tumultuous history of a city that shaped an epoch unique in the annals of history. Class fee $50 / $40 for members. (4 Classes of 90 Minutes).


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