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A Walk in the Woods
featuring Jennifer Matthews and select artists
July 23 – August 29, 2020

The Arts Center Gallery is open
Weekdays: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Admission is always free.

A Walk in the Woods is a look at wildlife through the eyes of artists, particularly Bismarck artist Jennifer Matthews. Matthews is best known for her realistic wildlife and nature paintings.  She uses a realistic style, because she feels that “the world is beautiful just the way it is, if we would only take the time to notice.”   Since a child she has been drawn to the outdoors, where she’d explored the countryside in western ND near the Heart River. 

Jennifer paints primarily in oil, utilizing the slow drying time for her blending and glazing techniques.  She learned the fundamentals of art composition and technique in high school and since then has been self-taught.  She feels that her best training has come from studying the details of nature and the work of her favorite wildlife artists. 

Jennifer’s work has been featured in many regional art shows, including Bison in Art show at the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, ND during the summer of 2019.  She was also the featured member artist in a solo show at Bismarck Art and Galleries Association in November 2019.  Jennifer was also chosen to participate in the Artist In Residency program at Lake Metigoshe State Park.  She spent the 3rd week in July, 2019, at the park painting and working with the public.  The residency was sponsored by the North Dakota Council on the Arts and the North Dakota State Parks and Recreation Department.  Her work can also be found at www.jennifermatthewsnatureart.com.

A Walk in the Woods will include the work of several other artists. Extreme talents in their own right, due to great things like art sales, or not so great things, like the chaos of the pandemic, they will only have a couple artworks to share. Included in this group are Brad Bohl, Jeff Hoff, Rick Whittier and Jennifer’s husband and photographer Brian Matthews.

“I am on the constant lookout for just the right branch for a bird to perch on or the hidden path a mountain lion might take on his hunt.  The natural environment provides so much beauty in the way the light and colors change from sunrise to sunset.  I always notice the way the world changes from different atmospheric conditions such as sun, snow, rain or fog and from the beautiful changing of the seasons.” ~ Jennifer Matthews