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Virtual Art Lessons with Linda Roesch

•    One hour lessons from 3:00 – 4:00 pm
•    Designed for students in grades 3, 4, 5 & 6
•    Safe, social distance learning using Zoom
•    Just $5 per session
•    Pre-registration is required

April 27 & 29: Watercolor Monsters
Students will be creating their own unique monsters using wet into wet watercolor techniques. First sketching out the design… thinking about features monsters have (bulging eyes, tail, scales, fur, spots, wings, horn, etc.)—They are easy to draw, so there are no mistakes! Linda will guide students through the painting process. Then how to use crayon, colored pencil, market, oil pastels (whatever you have available) to add additional details over the dried watercolor painting. *A beginners watercolor kit will be provided. Students will need a tray or cookie sheet, pencil, erasers, extra coloring supplies like crayons, colored pencil or markers.

May 4 & 6: Daily Sketchbook Journaling
Explore the creative process of a daily sketchbook journal… learn to observe the world around you with an artistic interpretation. What catches your eye? What do you want to remember later? Focus on creating a “whole composition,” and don’t forget the background. Then share completed works with the class.

May 11, 13 & 15: Stop Motion Animation
Learn the techniques needed to create your own animated short film. Then move on to filming and presentation of your film. Linda will guide the class through the writing of their script, designing and building their film set, camera use, lighting techniques and setting the scene. The class will conclude with the viewing and critique of the films. *Students need to have a smart phone, digital camera or tablet for this course.

May 18, 20 & 22: 
Found Objects Creations
Explore the wonder of 3D worlds!  Linda will demonstrate how to construct a miniature habitat using various found and recycled objects. Then we will start building together. Learn about the famous architect Gaudi, then construct your own buildings. Explore the concept of an Earthship, discuss challenges and sketch an interior and exterior.  * Students will need small toys or trinkets, dirt, rocks, sand, flour, aquarium rocks, small recycled bottles or containers (make-up caps, essential oil bottles, medicine bottles, etc) paper, cardboard…. anything they can cut, paint or reuse for making their scene; and a hot glue and glue gun (at least 3 clear plastic bottles 20oz or 1.5L size).

May 25 & 27: Plein Air Painting (at a socially safe distance)
Enjoy the warmer weather and capture what you see in front of you. Plan to meet in the Hansen Arts Park (if weather allows) and paint while keeping a safe social distance from others. Learn techniques for quick outdoor painting and what makes a good composition. Study the details like line, color, shape and think about making your scene interesting for the viewer. * Students will need pencil, erasers, extra coloring supplies like crayons, colored pencil or markers. If weather does not allow for outdoor painting, Linda will do a Zoom lesson and students should have a phone or tablet available for this option.


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